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Avernum Prequel Speculation


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In response to a tweet about the plot to the Avernum prequel:


"Speaking of requests, playing Avernum: Escape made me wonder ... where's the prequel? First Expedition? Bottle Grah-Hoth?"


Jeff Vogel announced it's release date in his schedule of games:


"The idea has occurred to me. Might be fun to write in 10 years."


So after Avadon 3 iPad version, the Avernum 3 remake, and a mystery game, there still is a gap before the Avernum prequel.

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Another announcement:


"I'll probably start the Geneforge remasters in 3 years. At least, that's the plan for the next 5 years." - Jeff Vogel


@Tyranicus - Jeff really doesn't do "release dates" that much as he's been slowing down with age. Sure this was more click bait, but it's one way to show Jeff there's interest.

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I do think that the Avernum prequel would be very interesting, though it will be difficult to capture the mystery for all of the players who have played the later games and so know how certain key events will come out. Obviously from a story telling stand point it will be great. All sorts of opportunities to fill in blanks and even shake things up (what if someone else created the glowing fungus and Erika just took credit for it). If course at his current pace, 10 years from now is probably really closer to 15, though his kids will be out of the house by then which may help.

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(what if someone else created the glowing fungus and Erika just took credit for it).


I was just thinking that an interesting side quest or three would be delivering seed packets of fungus to the various caverns throughout Avernum & slowly having the map grow more visible permanently as it spread itself around (prior to that the map would stay dark except for the immediate area that you're in as it's so completely dark down there always).


Cartography quests to map out the ever expanding cave systems...


Low level quests to break cave lizards to harness (probably much like the thump on ogres/giants quest in A5)


All sorts of fun things are possible in such a frontier oriented time frame

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A lot of the fun of it is missing, though, with the old familiar cave layout. Cartography? I can pretty much draw the cave system on a napkin in five minutes. I've been wandering in those caves for the past twenty years! That's not exciting new frontiers, that's a chore.


Which isn't to say that I don't think prequels have potential. I just think it's a shame that the thrill of being the first into a new and unknown land isn't really one of those potentials, at least for those of us who are veterans to the world.


—Alorael, who finds it perfectly acceptable that this thread sets a lower bound on time to prequel release. Mostly useless lower bounds are a time-honored tradition in mathematics publishing.

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First expedition wouldn't really work as a prequel due to gameplay mechanics. Unless you lose a team mate at certain specific quests/areas until you're one sole guy that dies too. plus there is the fact that the first expedition goes in heavily armed and equiped with magical relics etc etc... Making the level up thing and increased ability moot. Specially since avernum didn't even have metal in the beginning. Maybe access to special magic over time would work but even then...

The grah hoth thing and the beginning of avernum as a nation could work but the story would be too close and to similar to eftp in time and concept.

Leaving me with vahnatai origin which jeff said clearly that it wouldn't happen(something about wanting to preserve the alienicity of them, though my memory might prove inaccurate) or slith exile. Which could really work out and i believe there is story potential for it and small nuances of it, such as moral alignment making you either become a savage slith with bonus to damage and resistance but much like canisters, it would cause you to fight in some areas where dialogue would work and have some factions removed. Or you become an enlightened one, i suppose bonus to healing. Plus some factions inaccessible as well.

Thats the extent of my speculation for now.

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I'd think that would be a bit similar to avadon. Should work though.


Also tru. A5 did well at it but either origins could work well specially with the cartography idea.

To be more clear, some of the avernum cities wouldn't have exhisted. Other than knowledge of the great caves one would be a bit disoriented.

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