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Guide to funny but easily missed dialogue (spoilers)


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Asking Nicodemus about scarabs before enchantments.


Tell Doria at Vana's Reach, "I am a Hand of Avadon. I go where I choose. Get out of my way."


Ask Charon for more clothes after placing the third stone for Camp Nightshade's perimeter.


At Kirik-Tor tell Emory, "In the name of Avadon, I demand that all of you surrender immediately."


When returning to Shaman Arilda after killing off the people desecrating her Stone Circe in the Rotting Borders. This isn't the easiest way to do the quest so most players will do the peaceful option.


In the Green Refuge, talk to Shaman Liese about her cows. Sorry Slarty, none of them are nine headed.


In Monitor Base C, when talking to Miranda, pick the least obvious choices in a few places:


"I'd just let them go."


and at the end:


"I haven't been paying attention to your stuff. I just want you to go away."


I didn't try them, but allying with a Warborn group in Goldcrag gets some funny lines.


Help Natahalie do her quest and it gets funny in her end screen.


In the Far Beraza Woods, when talking to Adele of Kellem, point out you could just kill them.


In the Temple of Velusa, when fighting Velusa offer to call it a draw.


Save before talking to Redbeard especially as you approach his camp in Zhethron's Keep after leaving Avadon and tell him the truth. There are a few places where he will kill you for doing so.


This only apples if you let Protus drug his potion.



Final meeting with Envoy Dirran in Fort Foresight, just kill her. This also leads to some funny lines in the end screen.



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