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[spoilers] So... Uh... Who else has cried?

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I can't be the only one that's cried.


I'm not gonna lie man, I'm in the middle of Geneforge 1 and I've already shed fat tears. Limping out of Goettsch's place hit me like a truck. I wanted to hug my Fyoras. That... that was just... not right. That made me hurt. Up until that point, I was the protagonist - ME! And seeing those people in the state they were in; if you could even call them "people" anymore, except for that poor b****** he couldn't be bothered to free from its existential suffering. Shapers, man. The higher you go, the less compassion they have. It's so backwards, but that's the ironic moral point of it all, ain't it eh?


Just... Just... Where can I draft a contract to sign my firstborn child over to Spiderweb Software? Pls assist.

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Perhaps. I'd just like to see the art of Shaping return to the magic of Lifemaking. Drayks, Serviles, and Battle Alphas are all good and fine if you can cater to their intelligence. They aren't tools, they aren't plants; they're living creatures with intelligent thoughts. That's part of what chilled me the most, the thought that even the Drayks were completely bullied under the Shaper's will - and then to see how his Serviles reacted to me, terrified of my presence alone. The sheer amount of conditioning required-... Unbelievable to witness in comparison to what they could be.


I'm not very strong this playthrough and that makes it worse. I was showed the game by someone who was just like "lol I dunno do what you want" and now I'm extremely fragile with way too many points in Leadership and Mechanics... I know that no matter how this ends, the Shapers are going to freaking slaughter me. I'm going to be butchered, put in a box, idrk; but those canisters I'm pretty sure are against Shaper law. I'm an already dead man trying to make a difference, and it's just... not... gonna happen. I can't challenge Goettsch, and I can't challenge Trajkov. I'd honestly like to kill them both. ..... Immediately. But, I'm going to end up being little more than a pawn in their games. I actually got in to see Goettsch by making a mad dash past the ghosts with a Battle Alpha as bait. lol That should say enough of how weak I am.

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Hmm, lots of leadership and mechanics. If only you knew something about the geneforge that no one else knew? Imagine if you could trick someone into doing something that would lead to their demise? Hmm, food for thought.


I've agreed to trick Trajkov, but Goettsch is still a problem. If I beat this playthrough at all, it'll take a lot of tries and even more luck.


Until the day rebels win and justice is served (even against the bad rebels) and sanity returns. Horrors that could have been avoided if the Shapers weren't so authoritarian and they upheld their own laws.


So I guess the Takers persist even after the fact, eh?

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