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"Toughness" and "Exceptional Strength" traits

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Does anyone happen to have deciphered the code behind the traits listed in my title? From the text of toughness, I assume it is just gives your character +Armor. Does it do anything else?



Does Exceptional Strength apply to only weapon hits, or all damage? The text on the trait says "and deal more damage in combat" which makes me wonder if it works on spells and archery as well. Does anyone know if it does?



Also the Nephil passive says they do more damage with missile weapons. Does this include bows? Silly question, but you never know with Exile. Few things seem to make sense in Exile :p

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Toughness: This reduces most damage by 1. There isn't a single number for Armor in BoE as each piece is applied separately.


Exceptional Strength: I believe it's just hand to hand attacks, as well as bashing down doors and anything else that checks Strength (not much).


Nephils get +10% to hit with missiles, and they get a Dex bonus at creation, which is the only thing that can impact missile damage. They don't actually get an inherent damage bonus.



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Exceptional Strength is pretty much an inherent bonus to your strength skill, as I recall, so anything affected by the strength skill is affected by Exceptional Strength.


I don't think it affects HP gains on levelup, just carrying capacity, physical damage and door bashing. I could be wrong, though.

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