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Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Maps

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Fantastic work! Maps are awesome, so thank you for adding more of them to the world!


Some quick comments:


On the Places page, there is a column called "Quests" and it has various numbers in it. Is that column supposed to represent something? The numbers appear to just count up as you go down the list, except some are blank, and have nothing to do with quests.


The Info page includes a link to Dungeons in the grid at the top, but doesn't have the link to Items. The Dungeons page has all the links. Every other page that I checked lacks the Dungeons link in the top grid. I was also a little confused at first how to get back to the main map from any of the other pages, before realizing I had to click the logo at the top.


Thank you - this must have been a ton of work!

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Thank you.


I have added a note to the Places page. The number in the quest column is intended to indicate that those locations give quests and the others do not.


I have fixed the info page, the reference to a dungeons page was an artifact. When I started, I had cities and dungeons separate, then later on I combined them into one.


I should probably add a note below the logo explaining that you need to click it to return, but since I need to do that on 150 different pages, I will tackle that later.

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You are both quite welcome. I am glad to hear that people are using them. I am considering doing A:EFTP. Someone else started a set, but it does not look like they ever finished. They provided a lot more information and opinion than I do, but a lot of their maps refer back to A1 and Jeff moved some things around since then.

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I have planned on doing both A:EFTP and A:RW, but real life and the death of my laptop have gotten in the way.  It is possible that I might get back into A:EFTP this fall.  A:RW would be a year or more after that.  My concern with A:RW is that I will not be providing the maps of the cities after the disasters happen, I will only be providing the maps if you stay on schedule.

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