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Okay, having the speed issue with G1-3, but in a weird way

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Okay, I booted the games up, wanting to play them again to help me write a bit of fanfiction(Geneforge Crossover), but found to my dismay that the games are acting funny. I looked through a few help topics, but most were older, or their problem was more extensive then my own, so I wasn't sure if they would work. In this case, I'm having an issue only with the Menu, with the settings and everything.


Events pop up just like they're supposed to, and the area load times are not bad enough to be outside my memory of what they were from my previous playthrus, though the exit might be a bit more delayed, not by much. Just the Escape Menu, which can take up to 5 seconds to pop up. Is this the same problem as others have, or is this something different?

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I had that problem on my laptop with G 1 and 2 but it isn't really a major concern.


The desktop computer has no such problems but is significantly more powerful. I can't really think of a fix other than that the laptop worked fine during battles and stuff and it was only when the fullscreen dialog was up like in the beginning and end of the game. I learned to live with it.

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Perhaps we are experiencing a different slowdown then. Your fix did not help me back in the day. Or perhaps I just did it incorrectly.

Both possible. Afaik there are a variety of issues that ForceDirectDrawEmulation solves but that doesn't mean there can't be other stuff it doesn't help with. Can't say I've seen many of those if any at all.
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