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Town Special # 191- Relocate Outdoors


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This Node has four possible location values:

X Outdoor Section

Y Outdoor Section

X Indoor Section

Y Indoor Section


Without an Editing Manual, I assume that the X & Y Outdor Section co-ordinates are for the Outdoor "SECTOR" where the Author ould want the party to be relocated, y/n?

If this is so, then do I enter the co-ordinates for the Indoor Section as the present location of the Party, do I leave them "Blank", or what? Since the Party is already "Indoors", it makes no sense to ask for Indoor co-ordinates.

I've tried as many combinations of values that I can think of for all four entries and still cannot correct this Node.



p.s. I've also found that when making a 'change' I usually need to start a "New" Game to assure that the change works, too, and I still don't know why I cannot get this Node to work.

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The first set of coordinates sets which outdoor section to place the party in. The second set of coordinates sets where in that outdoor section to place them.


Also, note that despite its name, the node doesn't immediately place the party outdoors: it only affects where they'll be placed next time they leave town. So if it doesn't immediately appear to do anything, that's normal. There isn't actually a way to directly transfer the party from a town to outdoors using a special node: the best you can do is move them to a location where they have no choice but to leave town.


For further information about special nodes, you might find this guide helpful.

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First, I owe you an appology in that I found that I did, indeed, have a "Guide"... one from 1998, or there aboutts.

When I first joined BoE I had a question about a Scenario distributed by TRK and went to this board to ask about it. Someone who resided on t"The Big Blue Marble" responded with an answer and that set me to making "Walk-Throughs" of Scenarios as I played them so that I might be able to answer questions that others might have.

This Scenario has quite a few "Flaws" and because I have never like the word, "Section", (I use the word, "Sector" for all Outdoor Areas), I guess I was confused between that term and that I couldn't make the Scenario work when I made the change, (correction).

* I've been able to see that a change works If I restart a Scenario from "Scratch", but not by just re-entering the town. I don't know if that's a "normal" way to verify the change, or not, but it has worked for me in the past.

Lastly, I thank you for the response. I was afraid that there might not be very many people still around after all these years. ;-}


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I don't remember the keyboard shortcut either (possibly something like Shift+.), but if you press Shift+D and then Shift+/, a list of debug shortcuts should appear. You would want "reset towns". It's probably also possible to do it in the character editor, but that's not as convenient.

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