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Danvers State Hospital Fallout

...are from Tibus

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I'm adding one post here to issue a formal warning to all parties concerned.




1. The first rule here is to be friendly. ADoS and Nalyd, obviously, at some point in this thread that fell apart for you guys. Although I appreciate that neither one of you came to this thread with negative intentions, good intentions are not sufficient. As the CoC says, it is unacceptable to attack or belittle people using their personal identity, group membership, or private choices. Other people are going to have different opinions from you, especially on controversial topics. It is not nice to throw insults at each other; it is completely unacceptable to levy the kind of seriously personal insults that appear in posts #15, #18, and in the now-hidden post that previously came after #18. Due to the level of personal insults that showed up here, please do not expect additional warnings should a similar situation come up in the future.


2. ADoS, it is not acceptable to post private information about other members here. That the sharing of this private information has previously been an issue between you and the member in question only serves to highlight this point. Basically, please use good boundaries when posting here. (Similarly, please think about this before making sweeping claims about representing particular communities of people, no matter how devoted you are to a particular cause, etc. I think getting carried away here really set up this conflict.)



Finally, to everyone, please don't use the "like" function in passive-aggressive ways. I know that wasn't anyone's intention but when posts are already sort of borderline unfriendly, and you may be feeling frustrated with another member, it's easy to fall into this. This last part is just a friendly request, not a global warning :)



(P.S. Sy, sorry for removing the animation, I actually really liked it but it seemed a little too distracting to sit atop this warning.)

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In clarification, there was a thread. It went bad places and was locked and then hidden. This warning at the end needs to stand.


To reiterate what Slarty says, this is a place to be nice. That means not insulting people. That also means not saying things about people that they likely wouldn't want said in a literally open forum.


—Alorael, who is going to lock this again. There's no much more that should be said on the subject.

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