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My Let's Play of Avadon 1 is done, and Avadon 3 is on the way... so now I begin my Let's Play of Avadon 2! Join me as I... well... I have no idea what is going to happen in this one. So let's learn and find out! And if you want to see my previous LP, you can find it here




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For some reason the line "We are from Avadon and we are here to help you" doesn't seem to make people happy and trusting.

The only reason Avadon 2 is harder is evasion from attacks got halved. However the Tinkermage class made up for it.

In how interesting it works, yes. In actual personal combat ability maybe not. At least in how I've experienced it... you'll see as my backlogs catch up.


Some exploration out in unrelated regions, where we find hidden rebels!




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About the Tower of Trials in Avadon: I also played a blademaster and had tremendous difficulty with this. I could only finish it after I had found a wand or something, that summoned help.

That likely will help immensely, once I actually find one.


Finally we enter Monitor Base D, and inside we find... well... why spoil that here?




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