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How to get rid of a writer's block


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Make sure you get plenty of sleep because your brain will turn things over subconsciously while you sleep. I make a lot of lousy artistic decisions that I don't see at first, then correct the next day. On the other hand, while getting sleep helps, OCCASIONALLY staying up really late helps too, it seems, because when the brain reaches a certain point of tiredness, it starts making connections it doesn't make while asleep or wide awake. I make great art late at night too but if I do it too often I get in trouble.


Other than that, you write crap. Lots and lots and lots of crap. If you're so stumped that you can't write anything but crap, then write crap. It'll come back but if you slack off you'll be stuck a lot longer. Giving up and waiting will probably lead anyone with a good artistic mind to a good "burst of inspiration" as they call it, eventually, and that can get you back on track, but if you're serious about it, you probably don't want to wait for that. "Bursts of inspiration" are also not necessarily tied to the project you're trying to work on, so you may end up with a lot of unfinished projects that way.

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