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Oh, where to begin? When I was in 7th grade, my sister discovered Avernum 2. I watched her play and I played my own game. I instantly fell in love. There was

one character that for every game, I had to have as part of my party as my cleric.



Now many, many, many years later, I have discovered wargaming and with that, tabletop RPG. I have it in my mind to spend the expenditure and commission someone to have him or her create this lass. I asked once about a year ago but no reply but before I do ask again, what are your thoughts about this?

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MM's email to Jeff:

Sir, I have a problem. It has to do with your first daughter, Cordelia, and a character in your game Avernum 4. This character I speak of has the same name as your daughter. Now I have noticed that the Cordelia in Avernumb 4 has obviously erect nipples, and tattered clothing. There's also a cut along the side of her dress that obviously reveals she is not wearing undergarments of any kind. This, my friend, implies that this woman is one of loose morals and has sexual relations with more than just one partner. Now Mr. Vogel, I would sincerely hope you have enough pride in your first-born, that you would not portray her as an aroused sex junky in your games. Maybe I was wrong. Obviously sir, you should be thankful that not all of your loyal gamers are aware of this fact as am I. I'm here to tell you that you're a disgusting and appalling man and you should take more pride in children. Thank you for your time.


Jeff's reply:

I can understand the confusion. That Cordelia in the game is meant to be a fictional character, a construction of electrons, that does not, in fact, exist in reality. That character was named Cordelia because, well, I like the name. It is not meant to be, in any way shape or form, my daughter.


Along those lines, my daughter Cordelia does not have magical powers, and she is not an adventurer in any underground kingdom.


My newest daughter's name is Miranda. Should I someday write a work of fiction with a character named Miranda, that does not mean that that Miranda is supposed to represent my daughter. Should I place a dragon named Miranda in one of my games, this does not mean that I think my daughter is a lizard.


I hope this clears up any confusion.

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The old exchange I quoted was about the same picture you shared. Just a light-hearted reference.


Wow! Now his daughter is a powerful mage that got a lot of people killed due to her hate of the keeper. :) ---- and was that reply/answer real? I mean, was that a joke or was some nut actually serious? Modern times and all that; could be either way. :sick:


To get back to topic, the question isn't clear to me. I wouldn't be able to help anyway but I'm thinking that if I'm not sure what you (royalpain88) are wanting, others who can potentially help won't understand either. I think it needs some clarification.

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and was that reply/answer real? I mean, was that a joke or was some nut actually serious? Modern times and all that; could be either way. :sick:


Mystery Man (MM) is an old member of the forum with a penchant for creative trolling. MM sent that email to Jeff, who, sensing he was being teased and not actually accused of sexualizing his daughter, responded in a similarly facetious manner.


As for the tabletop mini, as long as nobody's selling them for anything other than the single commission, I see no reason why Jeff would object. You can ask him if you want, at support@spidweb.com . I'm not sure who drew the character graphic. It might have been Andrew Hunter, who made the sprites, but I'm not sure. "Obviously erect nipples" and more are quite common in Mr. Hunter's recent creative endeavors, though, so be aware of that and any local obscenity laws if you go looking for him. But you probably only need to contact Jeff because he has always said he buys his graphics lump sum, full rights, no royalties.

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