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Dialogue Changes If Party of One?


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I'm just curious, but I'm wondering if dialogue changes in any games (except Geneforge, obviously) if you play it with just one character? If so, which ones?


I'm finishing up Avernum 6 for the second time and I noticed that there was a rather amusing easter egg if you kill all the 'elite' lizard troopers that were blockading that one city up north, instead of bypassing them. I got let straight in the front gate by a bewildered guard. I kind of regret not staying in the slith city and seeing if I could kill all of them or if the reinforcements were infinite.


I was wondering what other neat little dialogue things like that there were. For example, I know someone mentioned that there's a change if you beat avadon's boss with one character (and an additional change, supposedly, if you do that on nightmare? I cant remember).

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Jeff is too lazy to have the correct dialogue for a single character instead of a party. The only thing is checks for slith and nephil characters in certain places especially in Avernum 3.


That slith town and nearby have a few places with infinitely spawn troops to kill/hurry you on your way.

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