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Jeff has said that neither sold well and both were very painful to make, so I wouldn't expect more tools to make your own Spiderweb games. Make the most of the ones we have!


—Alorael, who can clarify that Blades of Exile is in the style of Exile 3 and Blades of Avernum in the style of the original Avernum trilogy, specifically Avernum 3.

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I always wanted a blades of Geneforge, but yeah, it'll probably never happen. I never felt the story of Avernum was quite as compelling; the world itself was richly detailed and it was a great setting but it didn't engage me as much as Geneforge, which stood out from the typical RPG story lines and got me really invested. I would have loved to be able to act upon all my "what if"s about Geneforge, not so much with Avernum. As far as typical "swords and sorcery" type fantasy goes, the Avernum world is pretty well constructed and had a unique flavor but Geneforge's fantasy/sci-fi hybrid moral dilemma awesomeness really stands alone.

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