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Has anyone managed to get past 1st lvl of Tome?

Valdain the King

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I cant seem to get past the game tales of maj' eyal's 1st level with ANY of the characters. I played the game and made a few builds but none of them work. I dont really like the fact that none of the builds work in the game and the fact that it is so very confusing the mechanics. I played doom the rlike and beat it with no prob with all 3 chars. I beat diablo the rlike too with a warrior.


Is the game meant to be so confusing and what build should i use? Its very frustrating.

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I, for one, prefer to believe that the forums are dead and that Lilith, Slarty, and I are all ghosts haunting the forum.

It's worse than that, Triumph. There never was any "Spiderweb Software forums". You've dreamed the whole place up, imagining it for close to seven years.


Your family misses you, Triumph. We've been arguing with the doctors, but they've lost all hope. It's been seven years. They're pulling the plug tomorrow. Triumph, can you hear us? Please Triumph, come back to us. We miss you.

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I like the game but find it to be too complicated. Doom the Rlike and Diablo the Rlike are the best and my favs. I beat each of them. 3 for doom and 1 for diablo. There was some other roguelike dungeon fray but that was too easy. I beat that on warrior, rogue and wizard. I suck at the genre but my favs all come from Chaos Forge so it is what it is. There was one named cardinal quest 1 but i couldnt get past 7th level with all classes so whatever. SOTStars i didnt like but got far in. That is a roguelike that is nearly impossible on all difficulties. I think i got to level 17 which sucks.

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@Valdain: Pixel Dungeon is an enjoyable roguelike you can play on your phone or tablet. Well, enjoyable if you enjoy dying a lot. The mechanics are really simple, but the game is strangely addictive.


Some of the fan-made mods are better than the original.


Thanks for that! I think there was another roguelike called tiny keep which is similar maybe? I remember playing that in 1st person. I grinded for 10 minutes and then got slaughtered by a boss :)


I got a few free roguelikes as well that i havent tried-



Lost labyrinth (though no permadeath i guess no rl)

Cardinal Quest 2 (not sure if i have it but i think i do)


Cardinal quest is ridiculous, you have to really know how to memorize steps taken when and before activating berserk on your warrior. I got somewhat far like 7 or 8 times but never beat the 1st game. I played the rogue but they are too slow. I wonder if 2 was a better game?

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