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Scenario Suggestions Please

Richard Bacon

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Ive finished, Valley of the Dying Things, Small Rebellion, Zakhasi Run, Bandit Busywork, and islands of the wheel, and have therefore run out of scenarios to complete. I have all this free time and would love to try some scenarios people suggest to me.


Any good Suggestions anyone? Personal Favorites?.


As well if you have created your own scenario and want someone to test it out or try it, Im open to anyone who would need someone for that.

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I enjoyed "Tatterdemalion" (three scenarios in one, they say), "Amazonian Saga", "Truffle Days", "Riddle of the Spheres" and "Quests of the Spheres" (but not "Destiny of the Spheres"), and I'm blanking on any others.


Although you may enjoy the three scenarios I've released... Maybe...

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There is a trilogy created by "Shy Guy". It's very clean and neat and will give you a good run through most all the facets of Blades of Exile.


Drizzt created a trilogy that incorporates some special programming styles that you should find interesting.


And, last, but surely the BEST you'll find, are the ten scenarios that e known throughout the Blades of Exile community as, "THE ARC", by "Alcritas".

They document a5,000 year history of a "World"of his creation and each of his scenarios is a unique, stand-alone story which you will remember for years to come.

P.S. If you run into any problems with any of these scenarios, post a question as I'm certain that there are numerous "Old Timers" still around with any possible answers for any possible questions.


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