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Small Rebellion (Stealth.exe) The Question true?

Richard Bacon

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So ive started on the adventure in the "Small Rebellion" Scenario on BOE. and ive been wondering with what the small intro said


Quote "But the Question is, Are you fighting on the right side?"


Anyone who has completed this scenario or beat it, or knows the answer to my question


My Question


Later in the scenario will I find myself Betraying The Empire and Fighting with the Hill Runners?


Later in the Scenario will i be given the choice in to Choose a side? Like will i be given the choice to Fight with the Empire or Fight with the Hill Runners


(A.K.A Will I Betray the Empire?)


As i Do Not wish to Betray the empire cus i wanna fight and kill the Hill Runners once and for all

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You're given a choice.


Ah yes i found out already, After told in buzzard to kill an empire captain.. If i kill the captain then im betraying the empire then right huh.


Well i refuse to betray the empire and went to willow to report, so told me to tell them i wanna meet stalker first, so now im in stalkers fortress right outside his throne room with steel plates and magically studded armor.


Mages are ready and i will soon taste the victory of Stalker falling by my hand ;) .


And i couldnt believe that no shop anywhere in the lands sold shields >.>

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