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A new Best Scenarios list


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To liven up the forums, these are my top ten scenarios made in BoA. Feel free to post your own if you like (not limited to 10, of course) or let me know what you think.


1. Frostbite - A great challenging, fast paced scenario with a creepy storyline and good battles.


2. The Magic - a unique, bizarre plot with interesting tricks and challenges.


3. Canopy - Challenging, fun and lots of cool technical tricks, and one of the most fun scenarios BoA has to offer.


4. Mad Ambition - a good story, short but sweet with good battles and technical tricks. Should Canopy have taken the better rank in the contest? Depends - I preferred the gameplay in Canopy, but MA has a better plot, so depends on one's criteria.


5. Echoes: Renegade - another good fast paced scenario with good challenges.


6. Shades of Gray - a great two path scenario with good custom graphics and challenging fights.


7. Embers of Rebellion - A fun mystery although a bit too short, but still good.


8. Tales of the Tabard Inn - a good storyline told from five different perspectives.


9. Bahssikava - While some of the dialogue can be silly at times, it fits well into the Avernum universe and offers lots of challenges. Lots of the criticism of the scenario seemed more based on it not being like the top BoE scenarios. For what it is, it's a good game.


10. A Perfect Forest - Although the laser puzzle was pretty awful, the rest had a good plot, cool tricks, and good battles.




Aphobia - fun, but just didn't make the top 10.


Exodus - I found the scenario to be too difficult to enjoy, but one has to appreciate the huge effort made and the expansive engine written for the scenario.


In the Shadow of Dragons - a great first scenario, fun to play.



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It's been a while since I played all of these, but I'm working on a project to rectify that. From what I remember these are my top 10.


1. Rats Aplenty - A humor scenario that is actually kind of funny, and pleasurable to play. I remember loving how you could have a unique conversation with every single npc.


2. Exodus - This scenario has a such a great sense of taking a journey, there are no others like it. It is a perfect cap-stone for any BoA playthrough.


3. Magus of Cattalon - I just enjoy exploring the countryside in this one. I love being able to ask the joinable npc about any location.


4. Siege of Copperpeak - The tropical setting is great, and traveling around on your boat is fun.


5. Echoes: Renegade - A scenario from TM that isn't incomprehensible garbage!? And is even fun to play? I can hardly believe it.


6. Small Rebellion - The classic BoA scenario. When I think BoA, I think Small Rebellion.


7. Bahssikava - A bit tedious in some places and too dungeon crawly, but it feels like a more meaningful adventure than most.


8. Frostbite - I remember really liking Frostbite the first time I played, but I also remember having a lousy time when I played it later. Not sure if it really belongs here.


9. Quarhag Pass - A virtuosic presentation of a pretty standard adventure setup.


10. Twilight Valley - I adore investigation scenarios. The ending kind of sucks but I just love wandering around unpeeling the onion of the mystery.


My top 10 is pretty fluid, any of them could move positions, and I could easily slip in something like Embers of Rebellion. I guess I like setting and atmosphere best.

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Hey, it's nice to see one of my scenarios break at least one top ten. For what it's worth, here's my list:


1) Mad Ambition


2) Imagine This Scenario


3) Echoes: Renegade


4) Adrift


5) Lord Putidus


6) HIM


7) Rats Aplenty


8) Kill Them Dead


9) Tales from the Tabard Inn


10) Frostbite


Bottom line: I like TM scenarios. I like them a whole bunch. I also like Lazarus's scenarios, because they're like TM scenarios. Also, Imagine This Scenario is almost perfect. The above are pretty fluid, but they're about there. They are all excellent.


Also, I guess to rate my own stuff (can I do that? Do I care that it's crass??) I 'd say The Eternal is my nicest scenario. The atmosphere is plenty thick there. Then Twilight Valley, Discord, and TENG.

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Lord, I don't remember.


Tabard Inn, Echoes: Renegade, Canopy, Frostbite, and Adrift all spring to mind first, so I guess they win. Also, The Magic. I remember there being a lot of nice scenarios from quite a few different designers, so that's hardly a complete list.


As far as my own work goes, I really liked most of The Dead Are Revolting, though I'm not particularly proud of how I released that one.

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My personal top10 ranking:


1. Frostbite by Lazarus................. 97/100

2. Bahssikava by Kelandon........... 96/100

3. Canopy by Terror's Martyr......... 95/100

4. A Small Rebellion by Vogel...........92/100

5. Magus of Cattalon by Simo...........90/100

6. Exodus by Kelandon.....................89/100

7. Valley of Dying Things by Vogel....88/100

8. Backwater Calls by Simo..............85/100

9. The Za-Khazi Run by Vogel..........84/100

= Dilecia by Lazarus.........................84/100

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