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All the themes in the list are "vanilla" IPB themes, except for Spiderlicious (which is loosely based on the old theme we had when the forum was on UBB), and besttheme, which was an april fool's variant of Spiderlicious.


Regarding new themes, We can't guarantee it'll happen but we're always open to suggestions.

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You take suggestions? That's cool.I didn't really have any particularly in mind (serious ones anyway. I got plenty of not serious ones I could suggest :)). I was just curious.


I happen to be using the Paradox theme now (I'll probably rotate through the themes) but what is this IPB theme based off of? What's the picture it uses for all user who don't have their own photo?


Edit: Okay, it was driving me crazy so I searched up the image on Tineye. Best I can tell, the photo's is a grayscale image of a blood-elf from WoW. That's kind of random.

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