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Never let it be said that the Refuge gives up easily. We're trying out yet another Minecraft modpack and server, and assembling a world we hope we'll encourage people to stick around. There's decorative mods like Bibliocraft, worldgen mods like Geologica, mild industrial mods like Buildcraft, and a smattering of other stuff from AncientWarfare to Hats.


Anyway, we need people. Right now we're in the early stages of gathering resources and building a city at spawn. I've made beginner gear available, and with a little warning one of us would be happy to log in and show the ropes to someone who hasn't played before. We're working on more collaboration and cooperation instead of just solo work, but there will be a chance for both.


How to join:

Download the Technic Launcher here: http://technicpack.net/download

Run the launcher and sign-in with your Minecraft credentials. Once it's up, select the "modpacks" tab if it isn't already there.

If the top-left corner, paste the following URL into the "Add pack or search" box


An option to install should appear on the bottom right.

Choose multiplayer and enter: te.calref.net


Anyone interested?

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