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Let's Play Avernum 6!


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Struggling to keep up but enjoying your LP. You are an absolute machine pumping these episodes out. Impressive.


How big is the batch that you tend to record in one go?

Two hours (four eps) on Saturday, two hours (four eps) on Sunday. Gives me a week's worth of episodes, plus one. Over time it builds up enough of an extra backlog that I can skip a day (if needed) without having to stop. I'm proud of the fact that I haven't really missed a day in.... quite a long time.

I can say it's come close a few times though. Not long ago I had ZERO backlog.

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It's always depressing to see a whole town from previous games get destroyed, let alone twice.

Agreed. It wasn't that bad a city too. Even more so when this town is being destroyed not directly because of the actions of outside forces, but because said outside forces COULD show up.


We check just west of Cotra, and take a peek north as well.




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