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GF2: Am I being robbed of essence?


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Okay, according to Gamefaqs GF2 walkthru, the formula for Shaper essence gain is:

SP- 6 + Int * (Level + 1)

EP- 6 + Int * (Level + 1)


That only works at start. I.E., begin 5 Int, have 16 essence. But next level, 21. Only getting +Int, no multiplier or adds every level. Haven't checked Agent or Guardian yet, still working with Shaper.


This on PC V1.0.2G (GOG ver). So was something changed for PC, making it hard for Shapers, or a bug? If a bug, how to fix, if possible?


- Quasar

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Isn't that the formula for your total essence, not your gain each level?

This is correct.


Quasar, +Int essence points per level is plenty when you consider that even as a shaper you should be able to reach low 40ish levels in G2. That's a lot of skillpoints to spend alongside canisters and items that give Int.

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