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Yay! The Foolish Giant!


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Finally, after what seems like year (well over a year, in fact) I get to put out a call for beta testers for The Foolish Giant.


I'm looking for:


2 reletively new members (who haven't designed, or at least released, any scenarios yet)


2 experienced members (who have released two or more "good" scenarios, you know who you are cool )


Email (PM me if you like), is all I really need.

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@ ADoS circa Aug 2004: Lot impregnating his daughters was not made out as a positive thing. They created the Moabites, who were not a good nation, in general.


I would so love to introduce all to fundamentalist dispensational premillenialism, once I learn it hardcore.


EDIT: Sorry, I find it hard to back down from even the oldest of challenges. I'm horrible.


And, to make this topical, I pity you, Ben. Love your mother.

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It's definately not a big scenario. It should take you a half hour, at an extreme most, and that's if you read all the dialouge and see every detail. And take forever.


I take less than 10 minutes every time through, because I know what doesn't need to be seen, and because I use a mega-party for testing.


-Plah, who feels it necessary to copy Alo's sig this once.

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