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Nethergate Resurrection: Crystal Wand Playthrough

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Hello Spiderweb Software forum members,


I have completed Nethergate: Resurrection a few times both as a Roman and Celt party. I really enjoyed N:R; I enjoyed the story,

dwelling through Shadowvale and I liked the game's engine.


Now, I am thinking of a special playthough, a playthrough which is both fun and challenging: a Crystal Wand playthrough.

Yes, I'm going through the game using a Crystal Wand only. The Crystal Wand is a great item, not only for it's damage, but also because it's the only

really good ranged weapon in the game (though a sling has it's uses too). It is a pity that the Wand of Crystalness can only be used at the very end of the game, so that's why I came to the idea of this playthrough.

The Crystal Wand is an item of great power, so the playthrough has a few rules to keep your characters from becoming gods.



A few rules for the playthrough:


• You are only allowed to use the Crystal Wand to harm an enemy; it is forbidden to use any melee weapon, cast a damaging spell

(from any of the magic circles) or use a summoned creature (from any of the magic circles) to deliver damage to an opponent.

It is also forbidden to use any other magical item (such as scrolls, wands, Sylak's Thumpin' Shovel, ...) to deliver damage.

Using magic to augment or heal oneself (such as Battle Rage, Shielding, ...) is allowed.



• Since the Crystal Wand is a late game item, the character editor may be used to add a Crystal Wand (and a Robe of the Archdruid) to each

of your characters' inventory.


• Your characters may never equip any armor made of metal, leather armor must be used. If you're a singleton, metal armor is allowed.


• You may invest skill points in any skill you like to increase (though some of the skills become useless because of the playthrough's limitations),

you are allowed to use any trait avaidible.


• The difficulty can never be set below normal.


Do you have any suggestions, idea's, comments? Please let me know, I'm looking forward to trying this out.


Unbound Servile.

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The only real restriction here is no offensive magic. That's a real limitation, but crystal wands are so good that it's not a very big one, especially given that you're using weapons that are remarkably strong in the end-game from the very beginning.


—Alorael, who suspects this would be fairly low difficulty even on the highest difficulty setting. Which doesn't make it a bad playthrough, just not a hard one.

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