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VoDT Vampire

Doctor J

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Pray that it chooses to cast spells other than Fireblast or Arcane Summon until you can kill it, basically. Four PCs who all have the Divinely Touched trait and pop Divine Aid at the start of the battle stand a chance with a lot of luck. Vampires are not particularly well-balanced monsters.

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Fortunately, that fight is optional. As long as you don't mind fighting endless wandering undead.


Since i'm essentially at the end of the campaign, stopping future supplies of undead isn't much of an incentive...


I seem to remember that you have to get lucky and kill him in the first couple of rounds or not at all.


Short of using an editor to beef my party up, i just don't see how this can happen. It'll take a few turns to mow my way through his platoon before i can get my fighters next to him. The spell-casters don't yet have any serious battle magic, so they're relegated to support. Anyway, i guess i'll just skip it and go on to the next scenario.

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