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AV2 game hangs on startup

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In Avernum 2, I create a party and click done. I go to the next screen that describes the Empire invading and click the mouse. I then go the next screen ("The power of the Empire completely dwarfed . . .") and click the mouse when the screen says click the mouse to continue. Then I get the rolling cursor (used to be the rotating hourglass). There's no error - the game just hangs.


The OS is Windows 8.1. Please tell me if there's other information you need.

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This was the problem. I was installing off my old, old, old Avernum 2 CD. When I install from the new Avernum 2 - Crystal Souls demo link, it works fine. The graphics and skill tree are so much better that I'll just go with the new version and plunk down the $20 for the full version.



I you email support@spiderwebsoftware.com with registration number from the demo, your name, and the address you used when you bought the game, they will send you an activation code for free.
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