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SuperVillainEditor (and related things)

Nephil Thief

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aka CBoE Character Editor with the stat limits removed.




The dials go up to 255, instead of 20. This is easy to do in a hex editor (the stat constants are stored in one array towards the end of the executable), but I figured I'd put it up for everyone.


MD5 checksum is


b73e636c8aff2edcf48f5930d8481c12  SuperVillainEditor.exe


Watch this space - I'll be taking a whack at the Scenario Editor later, re NPC stats.


Edit: note, this is based on the open source CBoE char editor, so licensing is not exactly an issue. AFAIK anyway.


Edit 2: yeah, let's fix those code tags.


Edit 3: Minor update, Item Lore skill now also goes to 255. Updated checksum and link above.

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Is this based on the old Win32/ code or the new SFML-based code? If it's the latter, I might be willing to accept a patch or pull request (provided it affects the editor only and not the game training dialog).


Old Win32 code. SFML codebase is still really iffy on Wine.


(Nothing personal, I just can't be bothered to set up a Windows environment.)

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