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After something approaching a year and half of distractions and major life disruptions and so forth, I'm going to try to get around to trying to play Avadon 2 again. I can't pick up where I left off because I had to completely wipe my hard drive at one point, so I'm starting fresh. I'm planning to play on Casual because my main goal is to experience the world and the story and to just actually make it to the game's end. So, the question in the thread title: if I'm only likely to play through this game once, is there one class am I going to have the most fun with (or even one that is so subpar I need to avoid it)?


On a related note, are there any major quirky things I need to remember in order avoid missing game content / ending options, and / or otherwise maximize my fun?

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Playing with a Tinkermage is the easiest way through Avadon 2. Between making two turrets/pylons and getting evasion as your damage avoidance ability you have the best chance of surviving even on your own.


Bring Alcandar the Tinkermage along for what he says and how others react to him is ROFL fun. Just mentioning him to others even if you save and reload before the conversation is fun. The others are fun too, but Jeff really worked on his content.

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None of the classes are so bad that you can't beat the game with them. As mentioned, Tinkermage is beyond overpowered due to their turrets, but any class should be able to breeze through on casual.


As for ending options...


If you want to pursue a relationship with Silke/Rainer, you'll need to have a similar ideology as them, and go along with their requests. Nothing you say in the tutorial counts against you though.


Protus gives you a special item late game if you've been nice to him, and critical of Redbeard's performance as Keeper.


If you want to join the anti-Pact rebels, it's fairly obvious what dialogue options you should take. Nothing subtle should come out of nowhere and prevent you from it. The important gameplay decision happens at your third visit to the Contested Lands.


There are some quests that mention they'd be helpful for either Avadon or the rebels; those don't lock you out of any options, but they do affect the ending. For example, there is both an Avadon and rebel agent interested in Pact Papers.


Your companions may not want to help you late game if you screwed them over during their personal quests. They'll let you know if you've made them upset.

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