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A6: On Gladwell


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Hi all. I'm sure I could find this information by looking at walkthroughs and so forth, but I don't want too many spoilers. Therefore, please answer these questions in monosyllables with minimal spoilers if possible =)


Question 1. Will I ever get the chance to kill Gladwell without irritating the other residents of Patrick's Tower (or other good guys)? Because, see, I think the guy's a menace, but I don't want to just kill him and aggro other friendlies.


Question 2. If the answer to Question 1 is "Yes," then do I have to do any of his quests in order to be given the opportunity to kill him in such a manner? I've done his first quest, and based on that I really don't want to do any others.


Thanks in advance.

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1) If you go through enough of the game then the option to kill Gladwell finally occurs.


2) You need to do all the quests and some are not so nice. However not doing them only removes one possible ending. Doing them gives you plenty of nice equipment and spells.


Gladwell has never been a nice character through out the Second Avernum Trilogy, but you always get a chance to kill him each game.


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