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Let's Play Avernum 5!


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Why giving up?

On trying to understand the various "Giant intelligent friendly talking" creatures. Spiders, roaches, now chitrachs... yeah. I mean I love them, but they so often just leave me at a complete loss for words.


Also, felt like an amusing thing to say with regards to what was found in that episode.


And as proof that I'm not stopping the series, here's the next ep! Complete with DEMON!




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I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing here, but in that video you say "we got the touch and we got the power" which is a reference to this song:



Don't know how to embed.

Ah yes, that was indeed a reference, I believe. Wasn't sure which bit you're referring to.


And embedding is done by just putting in the YouTube link, and removing the s from the "https" at the beginning. The site automatically detects it's a YouTube vid and adjusts appropriately.


As for this episode, I'm starting to have second thoughts about giving the dragon all these allies...




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