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Best skill points value


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So I'm here going to play BoA for coding purposes


But I might try to start over because iirc my lastplaythrough was last two years ago and I just fed my singleton char with SP from the character editor, playing mainly for the story


Anyway, I want to distribute my points to skills that's totally worth it, but I did notice it had no strategy central to like A:EftP's Slartyanalysis or something similar


Does anyone have a list I can refer to? I have 2 custom made adventurers, I'm planning to make one tanky and the other one damage, so to narrow it down of course, but I also have a mage and a priest (typical). Where should I best dump my SPs then?

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I've wondered this myself. I'm pretty sure that I was not properly min-maxing when I was playing BoA.


I listed the special skills here. It won't answer this question, exactly, but at least it gives the skill requirements for other skills.


That's quite helpful actually, maybe I need to increase my Intelligence by 2 the time I level up because it's currently at 0 :p


I'll take it from here, thanks Kel!

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You don't get in-depth charop threads for BoA like you do for other games because instead of one long game being made by one person, it's a collection of many small scenarios all made by different people, and each designer will favour different styles of play. I can think of a few threads where people talked about character builds, like Imban's Avatar and Pariah, or Ephesos's Never Say Die, or Ash Lael making a sling-only party. But those were less "this is how you make the best possible BoA party" and more "I'm going to try something non-conventional and see if it works."


My typical party is a Nephil archer with some melee, a Slith pole fighter who went for melee and the Blademaster skill chain at higher levels, a Human priest, and a Human mage. But I play parties like that not because they're the most powerful, but because they let me interact with any given scenario. I'm able to use any magic weapon the scenario has, pick up any new spells, trigger events that only happen if you have a specific race in the party. Besides, playing fully optimized parties isn't necessarily what you want to do when you're testing combat balance, and most of my recent plays have been for beta testing.


The only concession I've made for optimization recently is giving my priest a few points in mage and my mage a few points in priest. It just seems to make more sense to pump both magic skills rather than one and intelligence. I know a few players give every character in the party points in priest, which would probably help a lot.

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