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Avernum 3: Struggling to find motivation to move forward.

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With all of my party members having levels in the late 40s and early 50s, I'm having trouble finding reasons to continue playing, aside from finishing the story itself. Fights are trivially easy even on torment difficulty, and my characters gain virtually no experience, leaving me with little motivation to keep pushing forward. I imagine nothing will be done about it at this point, I just felt compelled to share this disappointment.

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I posted before about the (lack of) difficulty on Torment for me, to the point that it literally seems no harder than Hard on A3. I don't know if this is maybe a bug with a certain version (I have the GoG one on Mac). I have even tried changing the difficulty down and back up to see if it would reset some flag to the proper value, and no dice. What day are you on, and have you experienced the Tower of Magi disaster yet? I still have not on my Torment play through, but whether it happens closer to day 100 or 160 should give some clue about whether the game is properly playing as Torment difficulty.


On the plus side, the story is good, and I find a lot of depth to the game, so I enjoy it anyway for that. There are also things you can do to cripple yourself, like make a singleton or play with crippling traits, but for you I'd say either try to enjoy the story or play any of Jeff's other games which are more challenging. Then of course, there's always stepping outside and exploring the real world, and coming back to games when they seem appealing again :p. I go through phases like that myself. Cheers!

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