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Quick action GF 4 - 5

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As far as i've been able to see, the 10 stat cap doesn't apply to Quick Action in GF 4 and GF 5. However, i assume there is a point where investing more in Quick Action will suffer diminishing returns. Does anyone know what that point is ? Or does anyone know the % chance each point of QA gives for a second strike ? Thanks.

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I've been trying to determine the exact second strike chance % each point of QA gives in Geneforge 4, and can't find it anywhere on the forums. It does seem significantly nerfed compared to G3 (which I just finished) - in G3, with QA 10, I was getting a double strike at least half the time, but with the same QA 10 in G4, it seems more like 20-25%.


It's probably not a good sign nobody answered this question two years later, but just in case - can anyone confirm? I'd try to research this myself, but have no idea where I'd find this info in the game scripts.

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