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Let's Play Avernum 4!


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If A4 was not as popular as the other Spiderweb games then there won't be as many people watching the Let's Play. A1 and A2 remakes are new and hot ditto the Avadon games.

Aye I've learned that the hard way by keeping a view on my Analytics page on YouTube. During A1, 2, and 3, I was getting over 3k views over 30 days. Since I started A2 however, that's dipped to around 2.5k views over the same time. Not sure if it's due to A4 not being as popular, it being several months since CS came out causing interest to die down, or me just not being as interesting due to the slog the game is at times, but interest has seemed to wane.


That said, on to the next part, where we check out the region just east of Almaria.




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I reserve the eighteenth slot for a special save, one used before I go into an unknown dungeon. If entering the dungeon turns out to be a fatally bad idea, I might learn this only after using the Quick Save a few times.

Quite different from me. I never use quicksave. Normally I have one save slot, and if I go into an area with no way back I make a second save slot until I get out of it. For this LP however, I have about 12-15 save slots, moving to a different one at the end of each episode. That way if I screw up a recording I can go back to the right point to fix it.


Into Gnass we go. Sorry the episode is so short, but the illness is still in me. The things I do to keep to a schedule...




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The game *should* end soon. A6 can end before you have done all the quests and exploration.

A4 has 168 zones but an eighth of them have a null zone script hence not much is happening in those zones.

Heh. I am a completionist who tends to do everything. All things considered I basically have the Abyss and Northwestern tunnels left.


And... uh... I think maybe I encountered a bug of some sort...




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Is a given area a dead end or is it a possibly interesting part of an unexplored area?

For a quick peek at such an area you can alter av4floorster.txt.

for "fl_blockage_type1 = #;" (where # is not zero) change it to read:

fl_blockage_type1 = 0;

Ditto with "tr_blockage_type1 = #;".

Rename av4floorster.txt to av4floorsteraa.txt. Then save the altered version of av4floorster.txt as av4floorster.txt.

To resume normal playing go into Windows Explorer, or whatever, and rename the altered av4floorster.txt to av4floorsterbb.txt. Then rename the original av4floorsteraa.txt back to av4floorster.txt. Quit the game then restart it.

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