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Let's Play Avernum 4!


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If you were helping yourself to everything that was not nailed down, people in every town you passed through would figure that their property was missing thanks to you. You would soon be Wanted all over Avernum.

Naaaah. It's a standard adventurer practice. As long as they don't see me they can't figure it out.


Either way, a short episode here as we check out the path between Fort Draco and Formello.




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Avernum games have no provision for recording barriers that you can't yet bring down. I use the journal to indirectly record the barriers that we can't break down. In my Journal I record a piece of dialog from a nearby person or a message from a nearby placed special.

When the Mage's skill in Dispel Barrier increases, I use the Journal to tell me where there are barriers that might now be vulnerable to this spell.


Ditto rocks that can be removed by the Move Mountains spell.

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This game has the worst version of the honeycomb. Two levels and all outdoors with pathways leading out of sight in all directions, it's quite confusing.

Not only that, there's also the whole thing about being unable to attack single enemies without entering combat that I loved from the first trilogy. Turns it into a slog.


Into the deepest parts of the Honeycomb we go... we're finally about done.




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