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Thoughts on Redemption (Spoilers)


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I know I could just as easily write a review, but thought I'd open it up for discussion...


I just finished replaying "Redemption", the follow-up after Of Good and Evil. Now, Of Good and Evil is probably my favorite BoE scenario and storyline (hence my porting to BoA), so yeah. "Redemption" is a huge favorite, it seems, of the Blades community, so here are my thoughts - on CSR, it nears the top, and under the old ratings system, averaged 9.4/10.


My view: The scenario was good, but I guess I'm not seeing the huge masterpiece others do. But let's start with the positives:


+ The portal was a very creative idea.

+ The story was fantastic - it was very interesting and the story alone was enough for one to keep playing to find out what is happening. The scenario is set up as a mystery - one has to discover pieces of the plot for themselves.

+ Nifty solutions for alchemy.

+ The dream sequence was very scary, especially if you play the scenario at night.


The thing that I think bothered me the most was the combat seemed incredibly unbalanced. For example, in the Konax Caverns, you're fighting Troglodytes and Hill Giants which are easily defeated with firestorm and mass charm spells - then you have Boemen and Stridors which are hard even for a level 30 party (which I played with) - in comparison, Of Good and Evil seemed to be around the right levels for the party it was intended for. I won't even get started on wolves set to never flee which are easily defeated (I assume they are just there for atmosphere, but it does detract from the actual gameplay).


Second, the farms to me seemed uninteresting, and it seemed hard to get too attached to the characters who eventually die/get consumed.


As a sidenote, while the scroll writing was an interesting touch, did there really need to be a whole industrial process to create one scroll? Wouldn't it just be easier to assume scrolls are written by hand? Maybe McNeimer thought an automated system was easier, but it seems inefficent to need a whole town just to write scrolls.


In conclusion, great story, but gameplay brings it down.


Your thoughts? Do you see a masterpiece or do you find the scenario a little overrated?

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Hmm, I thought the combat was reasonably balanced in OG&E and Algiers was a good tactical challenge. I'll have to replay An Apology and Falling Stars soon. OG&E is probably my favorite BoE scenario (hence my porting it to BoA) as I liked the morality play and the side quests.


Anyway, here, the story on its own makes the scenario worth playing, but the gameplay was disappointing. I'm still going with a Good rating on CSR.

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