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Chapter 1

Fort Ganrick

[Game] Dig a Tunnel

[Game] Escape the Tunnels

[Game] Report to Vidican

[Captain Vidican] Destroy Mysterious Barriers

[Captain Vidican] Slay Nepharim Chieftain (XP, 400c, Shield Ring, 3? rep)

[Captain Vidican] Visit Fort Draco

[Gridley] Find Stolen Arrow Shipment (XP, 100c, Woven Silver Chain, 1 rep)

[Gridley] Fort Draco Message (XP)


Fort Draco

[Anford] Bandits Under Fort Draco (XP, 150c, Woven Silver Band, 1 rep)

[Anford] Travel to Formello

[Kellia] Deliver Metal Bars (XP, 25c)

[Harg] Deliver Marriage Proposal (XP, Warmth Ring)

[Job Board] Valley Bandits (XP, 100c, Steel Shield)

[Job Board] Inspect Barriers (XP, 200c)

[Job Board] Lost Banner (XP, Iron Shortsword)

[Job Board] Stalking Ogres (XP, 130c, Healing Potion, Shielding Potion)

[Job Board, enter Verdant Valley] Black Basalt (XP, 100c, Iron Helmet)

[Job Board, explore nearby areas] Delivery - Lair of Motrax (XP, 50c)


Spider Cave

[Mayor Spider] Recover the Spider Eggs (XP, access to dead Empire soldiers)


Gunston Homestead

[Tor] Kill Salamanders (XP, Nimble Chain, 1 rep, trains Cave Lore)


Lair of Motrax

[Captain Ko] Kill Brigands (XP, 200c, 1 rep)



[Graham] Stop Undead Raids (XP, Static Band, 2 rep)

[stoppard] Stoppard's Potions (Healing Potion, Curing Potion, Speed Potion, Energy Potion)

[Townsend] Leather Crafting (Deadeye Cloak, Mercuric Leather, Drakeskin Shield // After getting Magi Clearance: Radiant Belt, Dragonskin Gloves, Radiant Greaves)

[Mysterious Shade] Travel to the Vahnatai

[Job Board] Find Slith Outpost (XP, 100c, Speed Burst Scroll)

[Job Board] Remove Lizard Infestation (XP, 200c, Drake Hide Gloves, 1 rep)

[Job Board] Message - Silvar (XP, 200c)

[Job Board] Investigate Tower (XP, Healing Elixir, Curing Elixir)

[Job Board, after Find Slith Outpost] Destroy Slith Outpost (XP, Treated Carapace, 1 rep)

[Job Board, after Stop Undead Raids] The Dark Altar (XP, Basilisk Fang Wand, Wisdom Crystal, 1 rep)



[shade] Slay Hidden Ogres (XP, Total Consciousness)


Chapter 2

[Game, enter Long Tunnel] Contact the Vahnatai


Chapter 3


[bon-Ihrno] The Vahnatai Ritual

[bon-Ihrno, after The Vahnatai Ritual] The Olgai Council



[Council] Recover Three Crystal Souls (Caffren: Duelist Rapier, Vyvnas: Mercuric Chain, Jekknol: Sage Longbow)

[Council] Fort Haledon Orders



[Lith] Find Drake Tooth (Jade-Studded Chain)


Resting Cell #4

[Abra] Kill Ice Lizards (XP, Spirit Prism)



[Tokor-Te] Slay Gaddika (XP, 2 Wisdom Crystals)

[Aeon] Kill Mancuso Hellhounds (XP, Archer's Band)


Tower of the Magi

[Game] Meet Mahdavi

[Mahdavi] Destroy the Empire Portal

[Mahdavi] Pyrn's Portal Lessons

[Mahdavi] The Onyx Scepter

[Vincent] Find Drake Tooth (XP, Protection spellbook)

[Kelner] Destroy the Serpent Cult [XP, 4 rep, Smite spellbook]

[suzanne] Find Fire Lizard Egg (XP, Curing spellbook)


Chapter 4


[Anhara] Get Gold Ring (XP, Mica Band)

[Elmer] Kill Silo Bugs (XP, Iron Halberd)

[Lynn] Destroy Honeycomb Brigands (XP, Speed Potion, Invulnerability Potion, 4 rep)



[Elspeth] Find Nance (XP, Stout Heartwood Shield, 1 rep)

[Captain Arlen] Rescue Nephil Slaves (XP, Serpentskin Helmet, 3 rep)

[Gary] Sugar for Gary (XP and 200c each)

[Job Board] Rampaging Ghasts (XP, 250c)

[Job Board] Message - Ft. Dranlon (XP, 100c)

[Job Board] Lost Boats (XP, Static Band, 1 rep)

[Job Board] Nephar Investigation (XP, Speed Elixir, Energy Elixir, Invulnerability Potion)

[Job Board, after Rampaging Ghasts] Purging the Spiral (XP, 1000c)

[Job Board, not sure] Island Lights (XP, 100c, Crystalline Wand)



[Caitlin] Destroy Empire Caches (50c each)

[Gremlins] Find Gremlin Women (XP, access to grove)


Fort Dranlon

[O'Rourke] Recover Giant Statues (XP, Hellhound Helmet, 4 rep)

[Mairwen] Slay Elderan (XP, 500c, 4 rep)

[George] Get Cheap Wine (XP and 20c each, 1 rep // ends at 50 wine turned in)


Fort Duvno

[Walner] Find Cure for Dread Curse (XP, Healing Elixir, Curing Elixir)

[Commander Johnson] Destroy Hidden Sliths (XP, 300c, Tribal Warblade, 3 rep)


Lair of Motrax

[Enla] Find Drake Tooth (XP, Incantor's Ring, 1 rep)


Little Vale

[Waldby] Password for Waldby (Access to extra stock)



[bevan] Find Sixus (XP, 1000c, 4 rep)

[Julio] Pass Waterfall Warren (XP, Return Life scroll, trains)

[Abby] Find Blue Pass (XP, 1 rep)

[Abby, after Find Blue Pass] Find Gray Pass (XP, Emerald Chain, 2 rep)

[Job Board] Aranea Fangs (XP, 100c, Energy Elixir)

[Job Board, after Aranea Fangs] More Aranea Fangs (XP, 200c, Speed Elixir, Invulnerability Elixir)

[Job Board] Message - The Castle (XP, 100c)

[Job Board] Vahnatai Style (XP, 150c)

[Job Board, after Vahnatai Style] Vahnatai Crafts (XP, 250c, Piercing Crystal, Wisdom Crystal)

[Job Board] Fate of Kyass (XP, 1 rep)


The Castle

[Gilda] Find Empire Records (XP and 100c each)

[King Micah] Destroy Garzahd

[King Micah] Garzahd's Weakness

[King Micah] The Guardian Runes

[King Micah] Rentar-Ihrno's Aid

[King Micah] Travel to Erika

[King Micah] Ask Erika About Garzahd

[King Micah] Locate Demonslayer

[Rone] The Blessed Athame

[Rone] Obtain Demonslayer

[Lorraine] Visit Harston (XP, 2 rep)


Patrick's Tower

[Cochran] Cochran's Potions (Crafts: Speed Elixir, Energy Elixir, Invulnerability Potion, Wisdom Crystal)

[Rita] The Orb of Thralni

[Patrick] Find Vahnatai Artifacts (XP, 1200c, Deciphering Lens, Summon Shade spellbook)

[Julz] Locate Borgia Toadstools (XP, can read west tome)

[Julz, after Locate Borgia Toadstools] Get Graymold Salve (XP, Invulnerability Potion, 4 rep, War Blessing spellbook)



[Malka] Malka's Medicince (XP, Ruby Necklace, 1 rep)

[Guther] Steal Dharmon Tools (XP, Starlight Greaves, -2 rep)

[Rippel] Rippel's Crafts (Crafts: Blessed Broadsword, Blessed Breastplate, Warrior's Greaves, Shield of the Deep, Chaotic Halberd)

[Job Board] Royal Command (XP)

[Job Board] The Sludge Monster (XP, 200c, Rod of Battle)

[Job Board] Lab Equipment (XP, Speed Burst scroll, Spineshield scroll, Stinktification Scroll)

[Job Board] The Tiger's Den (XP, Bow of Storms, 1 rep)

[Mayor Genevieve] Find Kothtar Plans (XP, 1000c, 4 rep)



[Justin] Find Grahk's Peninsula (XP, +1 Cave Lore)

[Vicky] Find Spy in Blosk (XP, 600c, 4 rep)

[Job Board] Message - The Castle (XP, 100c)

[Job Board] The Half-Finished Fort (XP, 200c, Energy Elixir, Speed Elixir, 1 rep)

[Job Board, after The Half-Finished Fort] The Black Cube (XP, 300c, Girdle of Genius, 1 rep)

[Job Board] The Chaos Codes (XP, Wand of the Inferno, Powerlash Scroll, 1 rep)

[Job Board] Abby's Passes (XP)



[Yong-Mi] Destroy Cotra Smelter (XP, 3 rep)



[Pathass] Recover Slith Charm (2 rep, Ward of Elements spellbook)

[Assotho] Find Massacre Evidence (XP, 1 rep)


Fort Remote

[Angarahad] Papers for Fort Remote (XP and 120c each, 8th gives Runed Plate)

[Mother Madge] Replace Ankh (XP, altar gives Runic Blessing)

[Commander Lori] Find Blue Pass (XP, 4 rep)


Fort Emerald

[Theresa] Help Wounded Soldier (XP, 1 rep)

[Landren] Kill Limoncelli (XP, Heustess now teaches Dispel Barrier, 4 rep)


Solberg's Tower

[solberg] Report Weakness


Erika's Tower

[Erika] Talk to Athron

[Erika] Talk to Enla

[Erika] Finding Thompson


Motrax' Cave

[Ostoth]Ostoth's Chambers



[Vahnatai Council] Sneak Into Pyrog's Lair



[Rentar-Dumbo] Get Mica Tome (XP, Phoenix Egg)



[suzanne] Food For Harston (40c each // ends at 50 sacks turned in)

[sharon] Sharon's Craft (Crafts: Radiant Belt, Bandit's Cap, Acid-Etched Greaves, Archer's Protectors, Radiant Plate)


Thanks to:

Sade (exact amount of wine bottles/food sacks that ends their quests)

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Just keep going down that quest line. Mahdavi's dialogue in particular is ridiculous - I'd often be two quests down the chain before things would clear. Definitely try going through ALL of her dialogue again, just to be sure, but otherwise keep going. It *should* clear eventually.

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