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Trist's Sprites from Pixel Profusion not original content.

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They have been ripped from SNES games. I thought they looked a bit too familiar. Checked, and indeed, one of the bushes is from Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.


Of course, sprite sheets for IP content are all over the web and don't seem to get the uploaders into trouble, and there's nothing wrong with encorporating them into your BoE for personal use, but I just thought everyone should know.

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Oh, gosh. I can't even identify most of them because I haven't played those games in so long. The bush from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is there, and I think I recognize some of the flowers as being from Final Fantasy 3/6-- I can guarantee that he ripped something from it.


A few of the sprites I think recognize from Seiken Densetsu III.


Yup. A large percentage of his equippables and magic item sprites are ripped from this game, alone. Some of the spells from this game were also ripped and posted as equipment or magic items. Listing the names of those sprites on Pixel Profusion... would be a lot of work.







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I'll link to examples of some of the images. Again, these are merely examples. It would be a LOT of work to link to each individual image on both sites.


on PP/armor


on the SD3 wiki:



on PP/RingNecklace


on the SD3 wiki:



on PP/RingNecklace


on the SD3 wiki:



on PP/Magic Items:


on the SD3 wiki:



Don't even need to compare this one, it's clearly Dryad.



This one is easily recognizable as the stardust herb.


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^^I noticed that as well-- forgot to say something.


Some of Relhan's/Nathan Hamilton's helmets I'm certain were ripped from Ultima 7. Several of Triest's talking graphics are also from that game.


Rogue's 4th armor looks very familiar and I think it might be ripped from an SNES game.


LOL, Dan Fizz has a talking graphic of Bill Clinton.

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So, Almighty Doer, do you know of any other posters of IP content other than Triest, the Fizz Brothers, Relhan/Nathan Hamilton, Terror's Martyr, and Rogue?


Also, are all of your sprites original content? Because I really like a lot of them. I'm also particularly interested in whether or not Blazing Blade's , Luz's, Milu's, ADoS, Shyguy's, and The Great Mister's (over at the Louvre) sprites are all OC (not counting their mods of other fan creations and SS sprites, that is.)

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There are a few others, although not many and no one else uses them quite so frequently. Honestly I've always been suspicious of Justifier but I think someone told me once they were original graphics. My graphics are hand-drawn although I'm afraid they're not as nice as those by, say, Tim Farland or Luz Piazuelo.


Also worth noting is Jeff Vogel released the Blades of Exile graphics under GNU GPL 2.0. He did not do the same for Avernum and Geneforge graphics, or even E1-3 graphics that are not included in BoE, if we want to be sticklers. E1-3 are freeware but not FOSS.

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