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BoE ScenEd content tracker integration?

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Just an idea for the new scenario format...


It would be cool to have integration with a distributed content tracker, such as Git or Mercurial. Instead of just a tarball with files, a scenario could be a Git or HG repo in a tarball; while working on it, the scenario editor would untar it somewhere. Or maybe it could be untarred before being played/worked on. Or something like that.


It might be a bit late for this, but it would be nice to be able to track one's development history on a scenario, etc.

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Well, my plan for the preset original scenarios (and the Blades of Exile Base) is to store them in the repository not as a tarball but as a directory with the same contents as the tarball. The scenario editor is already set up to load and save in this alternate format, so I think the only thing needed to complete it would be a command to re-archive the scenario into a tarball for distribution - it'd be best, I think, if the scenario editor itself could be used to pack and unpack scenarios.

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