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Re-getting Avadon


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Hello from France:)


I bought Avadon two or three years ago on d2drive. Unfortunately, d2drive was bought by Gamefly, who sold it later. My problem is i cannot install or download the game on d2drive.


The game appears in my 2drive library but cannot be downloaded, and there is no product key. Avadon is not sold on the current d2drive, which may be the cause of my trouble. If i provide a screenshot of my game, could you help me to find a solution ?


As you can see here ;http://hpics.li/68959e3


Game is in library but has no picture(because not sold on d2drive, and the product key option wont work.

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Hello, here is the answer from d2 drive


Thank you for contacting Direct2Drive Tech Support.

Unfortunately, titles that were not available during the first migration from Direct2Drive to GameFly will still be unavailable on the New D2D. Your previous purchase is an older game whose technology is more difficult to adapt and was not supported on GameFly.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


I have contacted Spiderwebsoftware and ent themt he screenshot posted.I also asked D2DRIVE suppot if they could give me some "proof of purchase "or anything that might help me


edit: I am fixing typography errors, i have a latence problem when writing on this forum('letters take ages to appear or i have to type twice).

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