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Avernum 3 - Skills FAQ (Rune Reading, Nature Lore, Tool Use/Unlock Doors, Barter)

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I have now beat the game on "Torment," which I believe incorrectly plays as Tough in the latest GoG version of A3. The main thing I can add is that, if you find and include all of the NPCs into your party, the game will be trivial given this difficulty bug, and you will be well above any utility skill threshold except for Potion Making, which you can bring to 20 easily on Carol. After I hit 20 potion making, I never failed making a Knowledge Brew, and it's worth it IMHO to take out this annoyance, considering the amount of Knowledge Brews you can make with just the herbs you naturally come across.


If you properly time the turn-ins of quests and the activation of things that grant special skills like Vahnatai Lore, holding off until you've brought on all four NPCs (or, alternately, if you never switch out the characters you start with), you also won't need to purchase any Vahnatai Lore at all.


This all considered, I can see why a proper min-max guide was never made before for A3: it's not challenging enough in its current iteration with a full party of the strongest characters. Hopefully the remake will bring back a proper challenge.


That said, this guide is good for people who want to play a custom party. Thanks for making it Mikus!

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