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Shaping in the Shadows [IC]


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It has been two hundred years since the Great Shaping War ended and the land settled into an uneasy peace between the old Shaping order of Terrestia and the victorious rebels of Sucia.


The peace has been unstable, and often in name only. Cooperation between the two great powers was high at first, as uncontrolled Shaping was reined in and wild rogues hunted down jointly. The bitter process of rebuilding, though, and the constant demands by both sides for reparations have left relations tense. The occasional mad Lifecrafter vying for power has left the Shapers bitterly suspicious of Sucia; the violent suppression of the Serviles of Terrestia, who remain enslaved with little improvement in rights, has been used to portray the Shapers as barbarians.


Both countries fear war, and few things keep them connected. Trade is taxed heavily to fund new buildups. The shipyards of both Lethia and Burwood are experiencing a boom, the forts along the Drypeak Mountains and the Okavano Fen are a-buzz with soldiers, and embassies are being sent out to call in old favors. In the deep recesses of the Foundry and the Grayghost Mountains, secret experiments are being conducted.


The Shaper Council and the Assembly of Sucia watch these developments with concern, and they have responded with a last ditch effort to shore up relations. A recently returned expedition to a newly discovered island to the far north of the Okavano Fen provided the perfect opportunity. Both sides selected their brightest children and sent them to a new academy on the island, to be supplied by a small colony populated by citizens of both countries. There, the children studied the art of Shaping under the tutelage of some of the best magicians from both countries. With baited breath, the world waited.


And they were succeeding. Until one day, both the students and the teachers had vanished without a trace. The workers sent to supply the school returned saying that the gates were barred and no one responded to their calls. Something suspicious happened. To make matters worse, a delegation of dignitaries from both nations will soon arrive to assess the progress of the school and negotiate.


The need for secrecy is paramount. As such, a small band of adventurers was gathered from the colony to investigate the situation and restore the situation before the delegation arrives...

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Having never done a proper RP before, I was kinda hoping an established member would set the tone so I could join in.


It's not the first time that poll results have differed from actual participation. The second time no one showed up for an RPG I gave up on running them. Sorry it turned out this way, GG.

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