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Third Guardpost

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I can't figure out how to navigate the room with the pillars. Brown tiles, light and dark grey tiles, pentagrams oh my. Switches outside, secret corridors, rocks removed with move mountains. I just keep getting sent back to the entrance, or worse- to the east room with nasties spawned in the main room.




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Here is a very easy, three-step process for getting through the third guardpost puzzle. It's completely solved for anyone who is completely stuck, but might be too spoilery for anyone who just needs a hint, so proceed at your own risk.



One gate should be fairly easy to open. There's one secret button and one cracked wall that needs move mountains. Then step on the magic circle to open the gate. You can backtrack or step on any brown tile to be teleported out.



The next gate is a bit trickier. The orange circles show the secret buttons. The red circles are the tiles you need to step on. The dark tile will teleport you to the red X, allowing you to step on the half-obscured magic circle. The only way out is to step on any brown tile to be teleported out.



Probably the hardest part is actually getting to the open gates. There are two types of platforms: one with lots of little stones and the other with larger, browner stones. The large-stoned platform will teleport you to the pentagram and spawn a bunch of monsters. You don't want to step on those, ever. The small-stoned platform is safe to step on. The pillars make seeing the route through the room difficult, but it's there. In the image below, some of the large-stoned platforms are marked by red NOs while the small-stoned platforms are marked by green check marks. The route through is marked in black. (Click image to enlarge. The X to close the image window is at the bottom right.)





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