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Avernum 1 - Brooch script request

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Hello there, and sorry for the upcoming annoyance.


I have been re-playing a speed-playthrough of Avernum : Escape from the pit. I have played this games a few times in the past. This time i set difficulty on torment. I managed to kill Hawthorne. But with FOUR brooches because i 'am dumb and i did not remember the 5-brooches trick.


I played six hours today with only autosaving, so my only last usable save is six tedious hours ago. I escaped from underworld during that and did a bunch of sidequests. I don't want to do that again.


So, please, i would be ever so grateful for some help here. There must be a way of editing some file somewhere to either give me the platinum brooch just before leaping into the portal of Hawthorne's room OR to reset all flags concerning the teleporter augmenter (if i do a "backtothestart" to grab the brooch in hope to re-do the royal spire again, i am stuck afterwards for the Augmented Teleporter is inert. Or maybe is there even a way to make it so my saved game considers i have killed Hawthorne and voilà.


Please help, you are my only hope *dramatic violins and choirs*

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edit: Crap I made a big post then acidentally edited over it.


Here is the quick version. Go to your install folder and explore Avernum Files\Scripts.


Look for files formatted like this: t[##][area]dlg.txt. The [area] is the name of an indoor area. The [##] are just a couple of irrelevant numbers. Look for a filename where it is an area you have access to on the save you want to use. Make sure it ends in dlg.


Make a backup of the file in case this doesnt work and open it in a good text editor like notepad++. Regular notepad makes it hard to read.


This is the text box script for all npcs triggers etc in the area. Each dialog is separated by begintalknode;. The question= is what you say or do to trigger it and the text= is what is displayed in response to your question=.


Look for a dialog you have access to. Add these lines underneath


code =




If it already has code= underneath it, just add set_spec_item(37,1); in there somewhere before the break;.


Save the file and close. Now when you select that dialog, you will be given the platinum brooch.

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Goodness, i did not expect such a quick reply ! Thank you.


Sadly i think this is hopeless. The only dialog left for me is the one when entering the portal.


I can't find anywhere in the t74TheRoyalSpiredlg.txt where it is "called". I see the lines referring to it in t74TheRoyalSpiretxt.txt ; but so far i understand, this last one is only about text, and putting your code in it does no good.


Is the "txt" kind of ressource for "dlg" file ? I have browsed a few scripts but i can't figure out where is the "request" for the dialogs of that special encounter box.


For your information, the only dialog boxes i have left are these :








Is there still hope ? Can i try to edit these dialog boxes, and if so, where should i look ? As said, these texts don't appera in the "dlg" script file but in a "txt" file.

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Beats me. It looks like the t74TheRoyalSpiretxt.txt does act as a library for the t74TheRoyalSpiredlg.txt but I can't find where the lines would be called either. The only instance of "Walk into the portal" in the scripts seem to be in textdlogstrs.txt (#15) and it doesn't look like there is room for adding code. You could try just copying the whole code= thing after the semicolon there and see if it works but it probably won't. You could try adding the code= excerpt to all of the weird blank begintalknode;s in the t74TheRoyalSpiredlg.txt and see if that does anything.


If you want to search for strings yourself I used Windows Grep to search thru all the scripts at once.

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