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Beta for Scenario: Skirmish in the Tunnels

Cpt. Charles

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First of all, I'm not sure who to ask to upload the scenario (or where it's uploaded for that matter), so I need to get that sorted. Sorry about that.

I originally made the "Battle for Gale" scenario (quite awhile ago, im afraid), which was an experiment into more strategic BoA combat. Because, why not?

This is another in the series. Again, only one battle, not a very complicated plot. I'm mostly working out some of the scripting, noting some suggestions that were made by BMA.

If this one is liked, im going to try implementing it into a larger scenario, for fun battle sequences. That is, if anyone still cares. c:

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So sorry for the long delay, been a very busy past couple weeks.


Here are the links for PC version and Mac:

PC - http://blades.nether...ishBeta1Win.zip

Mac - http://blades.nether...ishBeta1Win.zip


Just looking for some opinions on how it runs and all


Also, thank you Tyranicus for uploading those for me. :)

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