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I'm currently building a quest system based on ideas from Exile 3 jobs as well as some input from BoA quests. Currently I have the following done or planned:


  • The quest structure contains a name and description, an optional deadline, and an optional XP/gold award; I realize rewards can be done via special nodes, but it didn't seem like a terrible idea to just make it a bit more convenient.
  • The quest deadline can be absolute (must be done by day X) or relative (must be completed X days after starting it). Thus, the party structure keeps track of the day each quest was started as well as the quest's current status (which is one of available, started, completed, or failed).
  • Of course, there'll be a special node to set quest status, and one to check quest status. It'll be able to set/test for any of the four statuses.
  • A job board talk node, which runs through a specified subset of the quest list and picks four quests at random that have the "available" status, and offers those to the player. Thus, setting a quest's status to "available" could make it repeatable.
  • Placed creatures in town can set a special node to be called when you attempt to talk to them. This is called before conversation starts and may be able to prevent conversation starting. It also works on hostile monsters (where normal conversation doesn't happen).
  • I want to somehow have a way for job dispatchers to be angered if you keep failing the quests they give you, so for quests obtained from job boards there will be a way to track who gave you the quest.


Any thoughts on this? Or additional suggestions? Even without input, this design may continue to evolve as I go about implementing it.

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I guess I forgot to mention that. In dev versions, there was a "Jobs" button beside the special items button; the quest list will be found there. It's not going to look like the Exile III job list, though - the way I've implemented it, it's pretty much the same as the special items list, except that clicking the Info button brings up a different sort of dialog, and there's never a Use button.


At some point the button might be changed to read "Quests" instead of "Jobs", if it can be made to fit. I'm not sure if there's room for that.


Currently I've made the list only show ongoing quests, but I wondered if it should maybe also show completed or failed quests, either always or as an option.

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