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A2CS: Where to get more boats?

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I ran out of boats in Silvar.


The first one I took straight to that area where I had a quest to kill someone in order to unlock Dispel Barrier.


The second one I took down the rapids, since I had 2 quests in one of the dungeons over there. I did not have a grey pass on me at the time though, so I couldn't complete that part.


The third one I took down the rapids again, but further west, since the first trip down the rapids didn't complete the quest for me where I had to map the rapids (which unlocks a trainer in one of the cities).


I now have the grey pass, so I need a boat to go back to that dungeon from earlier. I also need to explore some places up north past Fort Duvno I think it is. So I need 2 more boats.


I tried buying a 4th one, the npc takes my 400 gold, but no boat is at the dock. Is there something I am missing? Another source of boats somewhere or someway to get the other ones back up the rapids?

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Also, you can sail the boat back up the rapids, if you're referring to the Portage. Just click above it and the boat will go there. No, your party isn't impossibly strong - you'll be carrying the boat up. The first time you descend the Portage, there's a text box that explains this, but it's very easy to click through and not notice.

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Like Callie said use SHIFT+D then type resetboats   I used this command to get the boat back at the Ruined Town to go down the Dark Waters again. but WARNING: You will lose all your boats that you paid for or borrowed, anywhere you have left any boats will set back to their original location and you will have to buy the Boats again.

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