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Demon Island clues please

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Ok, I'm ready for some help. Looking at the hints file proved fruitless beyond revealing a ton of content besides the wilds, and the 3 caves, only one of which is do'able, one to the sw has that statue blocking the way, other to the north a 'red magical door.' I figured there might be a key to the north dungeon as a reward for turning in orbs, but I can only find 1 from the 1 doable cave (in middle chest where left check has Lightning Sword.)


The clue file doesn't offer anything for getting beyond the statue or red door and skimming it quickly so as not to get too many spoilers it's like it's not even written for this scenario. Have filled in every space in the wild, been all through the underground section of the town throughly exploring all those little empty rooms, I'm stuck. :)


- How do I get into the 'statue blocking the way' cave (used Magic Map and saw there's a lot more to the thing, had wondered if it was just that entry fight minus melee or something.)


- How do I get through the 'red magic doorway' to the north?

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Sorry I'm slow getting back to you. I'm in the middle of another one that has some 'flaws'.

I haven't played either of the two Demon's - which one are you stuck in and do you know which 'town' you're in, either by name or by number?


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