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Release: Restless Souls


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I started this small scenario nearly eight years ago. There's a lot I don't like about it, especially the writing, but I did some pretty cool stuff too. It's definitely a beginner's scenario; there's a lot I would do differently if I was to create another scenario. …but enough with the self-deprecation, I'm happy to say that Restless Souls is now available for both Mac and PC!


Credits to:

Custom Graphics: Enraged Slith

Beta Testers: Nikki and Dintiradan

Helpful People: Sylae, Ishad Nha


A special thanks to Tyranicus for hosting the scenario.


Also, pictures!


Wayside Inn





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My last ratings, BainIhrno, were the BoE scenarios "The Foolish Giant" and "Pilgrimage to Thrakos". I'm trying to rate this scenario but it is buggy and I have encountered a fatal bug. Excalibur, I'll PM my notes to you. I will rate this after you clean it up. I'm enjoying it so far.


Is there any way for me to move the party in the outdoors? I looked in the Character Editor but saw no way to move my party out of the tree they're stuck in.

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