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Avernum Crystal Souls Cache List

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I found a total of 46 48 caches, and wrote them down as I went along. All of them (except one that was in the middle of nowhere) are written with a map landmark as a reference point. If I say something is past a hidden wall, I mean one of those vine covered walls that you can walk through.


You only need 40 caches for the medal/achievement. 11 cave lore is required to be able to get every cache (the Putrified Gauntlets are 12, but you can wear the First Expedition Ring to bring that up).


Caches in chapter 1:


1. Scroll of Lightning - SW of Lizard Lair past hidden wall.

2. Healing Potion - N of Aranea Web. Fairly out in the open

3. Battle Crystal - S of Fungal Clearing behind a stalagmite. This one is actually impossible to see because of the angle its at.

4. Fiery Wand - N of Tiny Slith Fort. Next to a tiny 1 tile pool of water.


Chapter 2 (can't go back and check these, except #8)


5. Razordisk x6 - NW of Herb Patch. Through a hidden wall past a waterfall.

6. Energy Potion - SE of Barrier Tower. North of #5 by some purple trees.

7. Healing Elixir - W of Coffin Caves behind some purple trees.

8. Graymold - SW of Long Tunnel, through a hidden wall.


Caches in Vahnatai Lands


9. Scroll of Return Life - E of Test of Speed, by some stalagmite.

10. Corrupting Baton - NW of Ominous Crypt, in a crystal wall.

11. Fine Steel Waveblade - W of Crystal Shrine. Fairly out in the open.

12. Fine Razordisk x6 - W of Vahnatai Castle, through a hidden wall.

13. Gold Necklace - SSE of Test of Strength, near a Vahnatai statue.

14. Wisdom Crystal - E of Lava Dome (need the Orb of Thralni)

15. Rod of Defense - E of Fort Haledron (need the Orb of Thralni)


Return to NE Avernum


16. Speed Elixir - W of Spider Caves. The barrier must be down.


Eastern Galley


17. Scroll of Acid Shower - N of Kosdad's Hut, by some houses.

18. Speed Elixir - W of Fort Duvno, by some stalagmite.

19. Gold Necklace - SE of Circle of Pillars. It's tucked away behind some trees near the lake.

20. Gold Bar - N of Cotra, right in the open.


Eastern Galley Sea (all require boats, these can be reached by the boat you purchase in Silvar)


21. Foil Helm - Across the river, SW from the Abandoned Farmhouse, also N of Trapped Halls.

22. Scroll of Return Life - In the caves N of cache #21, take the river N until you reach them.

23. Energy Elixir - SW of Shipwreck Graveyard.

24. Platinum Ring - NE of Black Cube.

25. Ensnaring Wand - N of cache #24. Take the river up and there will be a clearing for a cave directly north of the previous cache.

26. Speed Elixir - W of Fort Dolthar, through a hidden wall, near some herbs.

27. Blessed Breastplate - On the W end of the Waterfall Warrens. Just take the far left waterfall, and you should see this cache.

28. Wand of Death - S of Elderan's Tower, through a wall.


SE Avernum (Tower of Magi and Mertis region)


29. Momentum Gauntlets - N of Mertis, behind a hidden wall.

30. Invulnerability Potion - NW of Tower of Magi, by some stalagmite. SE of an unmarked ogre village.

31. Fine Leather - NE of Caravan Stop, behind some lava.

32. Lemonwood Longbow - N of Brigand Madhouse, behind hidden wall.


Great Cave (Almaria through Dharmon)


33. Powerlash Scroll - S of Almaria, by some stalagmite.

34. Fine Steel - SW of The Castle, by the logging signs.

35. Wisdom Crystal - W of Blosk, through a hidden wall.

36. Healing Elixir - SEE of Dharmon, near a watchtower.

37. Energy Elixir - SSE of Dharmon, near some stalagmite.

38. Rod of Succor - SE of Sliverlocke's Hut, fairly in the open.

39. Focusing Crystal - SW of Well, through a hidden wall.


Scree Pits


40. Crystaline Wand - SE of Unfinished Fort, by some stalagmite.


Invaded Territory


41. Scroll of Speed Burst - N of Harston, past a lake. Requires the Orb of Thralni

42. Invulnerability Potion - W of Moldy Cavern (requires northern boat)

43. Scroll of Return Life - NW of Pyrog's Cave (requires northern boat)

44. Rod of Alacrity - N of First Guardpost (requires northern boat)


Fort Remote Tunnels


45. Armor Elixir - S of Despain's Shop

46. First Expedition Ring - S of SW3 checkpoint (this is unmarked, read the sign by each checkpoint), across some water that requires the Orb of Thralni.


Deep Empire Territory


47. 10 Blessings Band - N of Erika's Tower

48. Putrified Gauntlets - SE of Garzhad's Fortress


Let me know if you need more specific instructions for any of these, and I might be able to provide a screenshot. Also let me know if I'm missing any!

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Perfect timing - I was just going to check if someone had made one of these lists, and here it is. Smashin'.


You did miss a gold necklace in the Vahnatai Lands accessible in Chapter 3 - it's just S/SE of the Test of Strength, by the walled ruins in the open.


Also, according to Randomizer's list, there's a lemonwood longbow cache in the Honeycomb you missed, but I haven't tested that one myself.

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