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Escape from the pit modding Android


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When i played Escape from the pit on Pc i changed the pictures of the characters in my party. I was really easy since the pictures are just .png's in the games folder.


Now that im continuing playing on Android i wanted to keep the pictures.

Again the pictures are jsut pngs in the Asset folders so i would just need to replace them with a file of the

same name.

However the folder is in the .obb format.

When i open it with winrar it still looks like the pc one on the inside.

.obb seems to only be a different name for .zip.

When i unzip it all the images are there and i replace them like on the pc everything looks fine.


I rezip them and change it to .obb


Except for the slightly different filesize there is no difference between the original and modified files when opening them.


When start the game with the modded obb file i get the error Avernum HD has stopped.


Anyway to fix this? This method works for other games according to various forums.

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